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How to avoid stress at the airport
Things you must do:

1. Get ready for your flight with a good night's rest and by eating a good meal before your journey.

2. Plan to arrive at the airport at least one hour before your flight is to leave, and two hours for international travel. If you are traveling on a holiday or during heightened security threat levels, add an hour or more to get thru airport security screening.

3. Depart for the airport early enough to allow extra time for possible airport traffic, parking delays, inclement weather, longer luggage check-in and security screening delays.

4. Travel with valid photo identification and keep it with you at all times. Including passports, driver's licenses, or state ID's. Some airports will not accept school IDs as valid identification.

5. Make sure that all carry-on bags and checked bags are correctly tagged, both outside and inside, with the ticketed passenger's full name, cell phone number, address and other information like your email address. Complementary Identification tags are available at most airline check-in counters.

6. Remember not to pack items, such as flammable liquids, lighters, matches, etc., in your luggage.

7. Always print Boarding Passes before leaving your home. Also, do not forget to bring Cell Phones and Chargers, Keys, Passports, Extra Glasses, Medications, Purses, Wallets, Camera, Maps and Travel Information, and be sure to bring all Baggage.

8. Be prepared for the weather. Watch weather channels for the time of your trip.
Bring clothing that is appropriate for what the weather will be.

9. Always bring something along to keep you occupied (a game, books, etc.). Also, remember to bring a few snacks, especially if you are traveling with children.

10. Carry cash, medicine, business papers, jewelry, visas, passports, cameras, and laptop computers aboard with you.

11. Keep a careful eye on all yours bags during airport security screening.

12. Drink plenty of juice or water before and during the flight to prevent dehydration.

1. For extreme weather conditions at your departure or destination city, it is a good idea to call your airline's reservations center and check their Web site for the status of your flights.

2. If you are traveling with gifts, be aware that they may need to be unwrapped to go through security. For many electronic devices, as well as tools and other questionable objects.

3. If you need to be at your destination, don’t book your tickets on the last flight of the day, if the flight becomes delayed or canceled there will be no alternatives.

4. be conscious of jokes regarding security issues, such as bombs or guns.

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