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How to plan a vacation

Decide your destination as far ahead as possible. Determine what activities each Person wants to do. Decide your dates and times you will leave and return.

Decide what you will do with your pets, take them to a Boarding Facility, have family or friends care for them or bring them.

If you decide to bring your pet via the airlines, refer to the (traveling with your pet or service animal) section of America’s Best Airlines for requirements and fees.

Know the objectives of your trip: You may travel to visit family, but you also may want to relax, or explore the state or country you are going to. You may want a vacation, but you may want to try something adventuresome, or you may just want a resort or luxury spa. Deciding on this will help you plan where to stay.

Your Time: Setting the length of your stay can lead you to adjust your accommodations.

Your Budget: Estimate the total cost of your trip. Include: the cost of Airline tickets, Baggage fees, Limousines, Taxis, Rental cars, Fuel, Parking, Tolls, Food and Drink per person per day, Planned Activities, Pet Care, Souvenirs. Revise plans to fit your time and budget for accommodations.

Your Options: Now that you have your travel criteria set, you have many options. In addition to hotels, there are many other types of accommodations that you may fit your needs. Look at your objectives, the time of your stay, and your budget. Then look at the options that are available to you.

1. Hotels - Hotels are the prevailing accommodation. Hotels are located in major areas of interest. Hotels are perfect for the business trip, or a vacation. Try going to websites like to find a Hotel.

2. Hostels - Hostels are inexpensive. They are economical due to having fewer services than a Hotel. Hostels are ideal for people on a budget and want to explore.

3. Rental Apartments/Villas - These are rentals, like an Apartment, House, or Villa, which you can rent for your vacation or business trip. These are perfect for those who want privacy. The rates on these Apartments, Houses, or Villas can save you money, and most offer luxurious amenities.

4. Bed and Breakfasts/Inns - Bed and Breakfasts are comparable to Hotels but at a lesser scale. More likely, there found across the rural areas of a country. Some “B&B's” operate almost at the level of a small Hotel. B&B's are good for overnight stays. Most are more inexpensive than a full-fledged Hotel but offer some of the services that Hotels have. Going to websites like will help you find the Bed and Breakfast/Inns you want.

Determine the transportation you are using airlines, car rental services or both.

Airlines: selecting an airline to fly with comes down to your priorities. For short distance travel, budget airlines are ideal. However, for extended distance travel it is recommended that you take a major airline with larger aircraft. You may need to pay more, but you will get better service to help you survive an extended and exhausting flight. Keep in mind the further in advance you book the more you will save money. For further information refer to the (How to pick an airline) section of America’s Best Airlines.

Car rental: Certain car rental providers are well-known for holding to particular requirements, for example:

1. Enterprise and Hertz are well known for offering an extra degree of service, which picks you up and drops you off following your rental that none of the other car rental providers do. They have many locations in cities and outlying areas, which is exceptionally suitable for individuals who do not own a vehicle.

2. Budget and National will permit you to rent one-way while most other car rental providers insist on returning the car where you picked it up or charge a fee.

Travel sites such as, These major online companies negotiate with the car rental companies to offer competitive rates. Remember, like airfare, the further in advance you book the more your will save money. Check out using flexible dates to get better rates. It will allow you to compare rates of up to twelve or more car rental providers with ease, for example:

1. allows you to compare rates up to as many as sixteen car rental providers.

2. is particularly good because they allow you to include discount codes to your search and get even lower rates.

3. The travel meta-search engine like, help you to discover which agent or car rental provider has the best deal all in one-step.

Look for discount codes: Discount codes exist through rewards programs, credit card providers, and automobile associations. The majority of them have discounts, miles, and or points that you can earn. These companies and associations work for you to keep you devoted, and they always have new discounts, offers, and rewards to save you money. Regularly they make a slight percentage on the business you obtain through them, so they are always motivated to negotiate valuable deals for you.


1. Usually, the best rates are for cars on the weekends. Check to see what qualifies as a weekend rental. Always check when the car rental provider starts their weekend rates. You will pay more if you want to pick up a rental before weekend rates begin.

2. Prices are contingent on vehicle accessibility, the popularity of locations such as airports, and vehicle types in addition to other considerations. Rental car providers change their pricing on a sometimes up-to-the-minute basis to stay competitive.

3. If you need a vehicle for around a month, make sure to check the disparity between 29-31 days and 28 days four weeks. Sometimes you pay a considerable amount more for those additional days!

4. Most car rental providers state that the longer you keep your vehicle, the better price per day you will acquire. Bear in mind that the price per day is not absolute.

5. New York City residents are occasionally disqualified from various discounts and deals when renting within Manhattan. To obtain the best deals in the vicinity, think about renting a vehicle out of the neighboring areas in CT, NJ, or NY together with airports where rates may be the best.

6. When you see a good rate for the vehicle, you want – RESERVE IT WITHOUT DELAY – it may not be available later on! Unless the vehicle has a no-show policy or cancelation policy, you can cancel when you like, without penalty.

Ground transportation: If traveling via the airlines decide how you will get to and from the airport, limousine, or the use of private airport parking.

Private parking near an airport is much more inexpensive than using airport public parking, try going to websites like or to find the best rates for private airport parking facilities.

The use of a limousine service is most convenient and stress-free way to get to the airport, try going to websites like to find the best limousine rates.

Compare your research with the criteria you formed. Check to confirm if the accommodations, airlines, car rental, private airport parking or limousine services that you have selected matches the things you want, Then, Book it!

Schedule time off from work if not already done, and cancel any other appointments. Also planned activities for that time.

If a Passport is needed, it is best to apply 4 to 6 weeks ahead to avoid expedited fees.

Start packing your bags. Make lists of items you will need and begin setting them
aside as you find or purchase them.
- Pack a First Aid Kit.
- Medicines and be sure to bring enough.
- Bring Maps or GPS.
- Suitcases.

Packing Checklist for kid’s traveling:
- Purchase Earplanes to relieve ear pressure if you're flying.
- Bring a couple of Toys.
- Washable Markers and Crayons.
- Coloring Books.
- Sweatshirt/Sweater.
- Children's Passport for international travel.
- Plastic Bags (for damp Clothing, etc.
- Snacks.
- Stroller.
- Car Seat.
- Clothes (one per day and two extra).
- Socks (one pair per day and two extra).
- Underwear (one-two per day and two extra).
- Shoes/Sandals.
- Waterproof Jacket.
- Sun Hats.
- Barrettes.
- Bring a couple of Bath Toys.
- Soap/Shampoo.
- Toothpaste, and Toothbrush.
- Hairbrush/Comb.
- Pajamas (one per day and two extra).
- Kids’ Books.

- Swimsuits.
- Sunblock.
- Earplugs.
- Beach Toys.
- Life Preserver Vest

Cold Weather/Snow
- Gloves/Mittens.
- Snow Boots.
- Parkas.
- Warm Hats.

Things to do the week before your trip:
- Have the Post Office hold your mail and stop deliveries
- Arrange for the care of your lawn and plants and set up a timed Lighting System.
- Put valuables in a safe place.
- Empty the Refrigerator.
- Notify your home Security System-Monitoring Provider of your absence and leave a House Key and Trip Itinerary with a trusted person.
- Buy Travelers Checks
- Check all reservations
- Finish packing your bags, all Clothing, Undergarments, Pajamas, Shoes, Swimsuits, etc.

Be prepared for the weather. Watch weather channels for the time of your trip.
Bring clothing that is appropriate for what the weather will be.

If traveling by Airline, print Boarding Passes before leaving your home. Also, do not forget to bring Cell Phones and Chargers, Keys, Passports, Extra Glasses, Medications, Purses, Wallets, Camera, Maps and Travel Information, and be sure to bring all Baggage.

In the summer set your Thermostat to 85 degrees - but do not turn off the A/C unit, and in the winter set your thermostat to 68 degrees to keep pipes from freezing. Turn off the main water supply at the water meter, check Sump Pump, set Water Heater Gas Valve Dial to vacation setting, unplug Electronics and Appliances.

Secure your Home by locking all Doors, Windows and activate home Security System.

Be sure everyone stays together. There is safety in numbers.

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